Meet the driving forces behind DefiPlaza: Jazzer9F, Timan Rebel, and UI_guy. Each founder brings unique skills and experiences.

Jazzer9F – founder and smart contract developer

The founder of the project, Jazzer9F, identified an opportunity in the midst of Ethereum's escalating gas fees in early 2021. With a history of engagement in the Radix community dating back to 2013, he recognized the potential of Radix technology to revolutionize the decentralized exchange realm. Armed with an education in electrical engineering, Jazzer9F's technical understanding laid the groundwork for DefiPlaza's vision.

Timan Rebel (“djtrebel“) – community, marketing, and analytics

Timan brings a wealth of startup experience and a knack for community management. A driving force in the software startup scene since his studies in computer science, Timan's infectious enthusiasm and keen communication skills are invaluable in connecting with the community and driving DefiPlaza's success. He's a founder at DefiPlaza and an instrumental figure at Astrolescent, the DEX aggregator, and maybe best known for having an appropriate Taylor Swift GIF for any situation.

UI Guy – frontend developer

UI Guy is an IT engineer with over 20 years of professional experience as a developer & architect, having worked for various tech startups and big corporations. He is responsible for the frontend applications on the Ethereum chain. As such, he goes by the name “UI Guy” in our Telegram group.

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